lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010



Brigitte bardot
zara skirt

 Everything points to that de wonderful time of the 50 will have an important place in our wardrobes this season.
Tight dresses at the waist, gunmen, skirts below the knee with a long flight or pencil type.
The woman wants to be sexy, wants to make clear their curves, but without being too provocative.
First is the modesty and good taste, this is the ideal wife, angelic.
A time when the accessories are indespensable, bags, headgear and gloves were required to complement
the perfect look.
The makeup and jewelry come to front and every detail was important to maintain the sophistication that characterizes this era.
The ears were left to the view with large look set to allow the wonderful jewelry worn by divas of the moment.
As for haute couture, fashion designers that marked this years were Pierre Cardin, Cristobal Balenciaga,
Coco Chanel and Givenchy. Each with their own personal style, wearing famous figures who  have marked whole generation:
Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and the lovely model Brigitte Bardot.
Let the sophistication, elegance, feminity and good taste come into  our closets!!

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